David Beston
David Beston

Chef David Beston Cooks Up Favorite Dishes From Mediterranean Cuisine

New York City chef David Beston discusses a handful of his favorite recipes proudly inspired by his family’s heritage.

An award-winning chef and restaurateur from New York City, David Beston is of proud Italian heritage. With a distinct Mediterranean edge to many of his most popular dishes, here, the chef cooks up a number of his favorite recipes inspired by Italian culture and the European nation’s long, sun-soaked coastline on the Mediterranean Sea.

David Beston starts by presenting eggplant parmesan with prosciutto. “A classic Mediterranean dish hailing from Italy, also known as melanzane alla parmigiana, it’s a simple recipe but one that can be easily modified to taste,” says restaurateur David. “Don’t be afraid to experiment, either,” he goes on, “particularly with herbs and spices, and, for a gluten-free option, stick to tradition and leave out the breadcrumbs.”

Next to be cooked up by New York City-based chef and restaurateur David Beston is grilled swordfish with lemon and parsley dressing. A largely Greek-inspired dish, it’s simple to prepare, says Beston, and is particularly high in both protein and vitamin D. “My choice of lemon and parsley dressing can also be easily altered toward a less-citrusy profile,” adds the expert.

David Beston’s third dish, meanwhile, and just one of his many favorites that rely heavily on Mediterranean ingredients, is so-called beef cacciatore. “Again hailing from Italy, beef cacciatore is a traditional dish enjoyed across much of the country,” he explains.

Beston’s choice is for a more southern-inspired recipe, with olives, peppers, and anchovies. However, the chef points out, it can also be prepared with vegetables such as onions, carrots, and celery, as is often the case in northernmost Italy.

Finally, David Beston touches briefly on flatbreads with spinach and cheese. “Popular in Turkey and enjoyed across much of the Mediterranean, traditional flatbreads with spinach and feta cheese, in particular, are a hit with almost everyone who tries them,” David reveals.

Stuffed to bursting, add ground meat and onions, says the chef, for a hearty meal, or enjoy a more straightforward offering, hot from the griddle, as a light snack. “They’re also delicious,” he adds, “dipped in fresh yogurt.”

David Beston is a renowned chef and restaurateur based in New York City, New York. Passionate about food and drink for much of his life, David Beston has spoken at length recently on a wealth of related topics, including presenting the latest New York City food trends, reflecting on more than two decades as an award-winning chef, and sharing some of the top qualifications to explore for those looking to follow in his illustrious footsteps. Outside of his work in his own establishments, plus some of the East Coast’s other top kitchens and in hotels and restaurants further afield, family man David enjoys music, sports, keeping fit, and spending time with his loved ones.

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