David Beston
David Beston

Chef David Beston Explores Best Places to Eat on East Coast

Expert Chef David Beston delves into the East Coast’s top places to eat.

Rich in culture and widely celebrated for its culinary landscape, the East Coast of the United States is renowned for its food and drink. An award-winning chef and restaurateur from New York City, David Beston takes a closer look at five of the Eastern Seaboard’s best places to dine.

Chef David Beston, of course, is keen to start with his home city of New York. “It goes without saying that New York City is among the best places, not just on the East Coast, but in the whole country, for foodies,” suggests the chef. With a restaurant scene that’s bustling at all times of the day, Beston is most eager to champion the city’s Italian cuisine – himself being of Mediterranean heritage. “New York’s many Mexican restaurants are not to be missed, either,” adds David, speaking from his office in Manhattan.

Next, David Beston turns to Washington, D.C. – somewhere that the chef has also spent considerable time working during his two-decade career. “An eclectic mix of incredibly luxurious, upscale restaurants, and bustling cafes, takeout joints, and other casual places to dine means that there’s something for everyone,” explains the expert.

Much the same, chef David Beston says, is also true of Portland, Maine. “A hotspot for fresh seafood, the city now has more than 200 restaurants across a huge array of cuisines,” reveals the chef. Himself widely celebrated for his seafood dishes, Beston advises not missing Portland’s lobsters and oysters when visiting the vibrant Maine city.

Fourth among David Beston’s five best places to dine on the East Coast, meanwhile, is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. “Home to the famous Philly cheesesteak, Philadelphia also has a vast and thriving international food scene,” reveals multi-award-winning chef and restaurateur Beston. Much like New York, and New York City, in particular, Philadelphia is also noted for its excellent Italian cuisine, the expert reports.

Finally, David Beston touches briefly on Charleston, South Carolina. “Classic Southern-inspired cuisine is abundant in Charleston,” says David. Again, the city’s locally sourced seafood is not to be missed, according to the award-winning chef, nor are Charleston’s traditional Southern favorites, such as sweet tea, grits, and fried chicken. “I’m also a particular fan,” adds David Beston, concluding his round-up of the best places to eat on the East Coast, “of the growing number of restaurants in Charleston offering a contemporary twist on many of the area’s more traditional and time-honored favorites.”

Passionate about food and drink for much of his life, David Beston has spoken at length recently on a wealth of related topics, including presenting the latest New York City food trends, showcasing his favorite traditional Italian recipes, and reflecting on more than two decades as an award-winning chef. A renowned restaurateur, outside of his work in some of the East Coast’s top kitchens, David enjoys listening to music, keeping fit, and spending time with his family and friends.

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