David Beston
David Beston

David Beston Chef Talks about the Cost of Diners not Showing at Restaurants

David Beston addresses how discourteous guests impact the financial well-being of restaurants. 

David Beston Chef was raised in New York City and has a good idea of what the COVID-19 closures have done to restaurants in the city and across the nation. He acknowledges that restaurants are struggling to survive in the economic minefield of closures and contagion fears. Flaky customers, according to David Beston Chef, don’t help.

Paul Ainsworth, a Michelin-starred chef, has called out customers who don’t show up for reservations. At a time of reduced capacity and careful staffing, this is the kind of thing that could put a restaurant under for good. And, Ainsworth didn’t mind saying that when 27 no shows turned a fully booked evening into a cost drain. David Beston Chef agrees.

David Beston Chef Talks About No Show Diners

David Beston Chef sympathizes with owners and managers trying to survive the pandemic. He also realizes that customers are still scared for their health and well-being.

Ainsworth shared a text message from his general manager on Instagram to show the impact of 27 people who made reservations then didn’t show and didn’t bother to cancel. Perhaps it’s time for customers to show a little compassion and courtesy for struggling businesses, said David Beston chef.

In his Instagram post, Ainsworth explained that every reservation counts in these weird days of dearth. The menu and waitstaff are scheduled around the expected number of guests. This rebuke might not sit well with diners used to popping into their favorite establishment on a moment’s notice. However, it may be a message that people need to read and absorb, says David Beston, a chef who spent two decades as a chef in and around Northern New Jersey.

According to Bloomberg, the reservation app OpenTable has added new tools to help restaurant owners track dining in their area. Restaurant owners can zoom in to ask their neighbors if they are having slow or busy days. David Beston chef believes that this technology can help businesses gauge customer trends and adapt more quickly to draw in more customers. Hopefully attracting ones that will actually show up.

David Beston Urgers Diners to Exercise Courtesy

David Beston Chef said that he and other professionals in the restaurant industry are watching congressional discussions closely. The industry desperately needs a federal aid package. David Besten, a chef with experience in several restaurants believes that without the aid package restaurants and other small businesses may be in dire straits by the end of the year.

David Beston Chef says that diners should be more considerate to the plight of restaurants, especially with everyone suffering from COVID-19 restrictions.

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